Many of the pods that we want to build would use and improve the property in various ways, toward their own goals but also to the benefit of everyone else. Here is a sort of mood board for our vision of the the types of facilities we want to build and activities we want to foster, most of which would be driven by one or more of the pods. This is not meant to be exhaustive, just examples and inspiration. There will be room for much more depending on what the residents want to accomplish. These are not photos of us; they are only meant to each evoke some idea of how to use the space and interact with each other.

Community gardening

Communal cooking and meals

Educational opportunities

Wood shop for carpentry and woodworking

Metal shop for cutting, welding, and machining

CNC, Laser cutting, 3D Printing, etc

Circus arts

Partner Acro

Flow arts

Painting and other 2D art

Ceramics and Pottery

Large scale art installations

Fitness activities