CoDwell's primary operations will be organized as a Mutual Benefit Corporation, and everyone participating on more than an occasional basis will be a member.

All members will be expected to contribute to the successful operation of the project and improvement of the property, including doing typical chores, contributions that will be specific to their pod, all-hands efforts such as a barn raising, or even unique to just them for people with special skills to contribute.

All prices below are tentative and aspirational and may change as we seek funding or financing and determine what our costs will be. We might also offer more distinct levels of membership as we feel out what will work best.

If you're interested in joining us when we launch, please fill out our Membership Interest Form and we wil be in touch to schedule an interview.

To secure a membership in advance of launch, and also help us show potential lenders and investors that we have a viable target market, we ask accepted members for one of three levels of commitment:

  1. A letter of intent, to move and become a resident member within three months of our launch, which will be no later than July 1, 2021.

  2. An optional $500 deposit, refundable if we do not launch by July 1, with the added perk of priority choice of private room(s).

  3. Optional prepayment of additional membership fees with a 25% discount.

Base Membership - $400/mo

Membership covers access to all of the common spaces on the property, for projects, activities, socializing, non-ticketed events, etc. This includes all of the existing spaces on the property, as well as the workshops and other functional spaces and amenities that will be built by and for the various communities, and everything we hope to do on our Vision page. This also includes participation in our meal and grocery plan.
Without also choosing a residence privilege level below, this level would be suitable for someone who lives within commuting distance and plans be on-site most days.

Private Room - $400/mo

Most members will also be residents with one or more private rooms to themselves. Residence costs will differ slightly based on size and location.

Two members might also split a room, or multiple members could share some combination of rooms as shared bedroom, office, etc.

Private wing - ~$4000/mo

The residents of a particular half-floor will have wide latitude in deciding, as a group, how to fill and use the non-bedroom parts of that floor, including rec rooms, studios, kitchen, bathrooms, etc. This applies to everyone on any floor of any dorm, but if those residents already know each other and plan ahead to get a whole floor together, all the better! This isn't a special tier so much as an emergent property of the previous tier and the potential private uses of a floor / wing / building.

Comet - $1000/yr

This membership stands alone and does not require the Base level. Comets are people who only rarely visit us, but want to participate and stay for a few days or weeks when they do. They are allowed a certain number of days per month (7?) and per year (50?) to make use of our facilities and amenities, participate in activities, and sleep in a guest room.