This project is being launched during the COVID-19 pandemic. It is possible that the situation will be resolved by the time we acquire the property and are ready to open to new residents and members, but we are prepared to proceed safely if not. There are various adjustments to our plans and precautions we may take or ask our members to take, with some examples described below.


Resident members will be expected to observe prescribed safety precautions, such as wearing masks or maintaining distance, around people outside their COVID safety bubble. This will include any state and local mandates, as well as additional rules established within our community for the safety of our members. We have yet to determine how many distinct "bubble" / "quaranteam" groups the residents will be divided into; it could be just one, or it could be one per pod, or one per floor or wing of the residential spaces, or some other division strategy.


Shops, labs, and studios will be organized, and maximum capacity capped, such that users can maintain appropriate distancing where necessary.

Some facilities, such as the gym or kitchen, may have a reservation schedule so that they will be used by only a single quaranteam at a time.


Access to the property for non-members will be restricted. Public access portions of the property, such as jogging path, will be specifically labeled, and other parts of the property will be off limits to visitors and guests without case-by-case approval.


Members and residents who travel or otherwise engage in high-risk activities off site may be required to observe self isolation procedures when they return.