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Project Canceled

As of March 2021, the CoDwell project has been canceled. Although we found over a dozen people ready to jump in as pod leaders, community organizers, and resident members, we were unable to secure conventional or alternative financing to turn our down payment into a loan to purchase the property. There is some talk of reviving the idea in late 2024 or 2025. More to come on that front, hopefully!

Large scale coliving and project collaboration

Multiple cooperating intentional communities each based on shared passions and interests

One meta-community organizing them all for the benefit of each other

Planned launch in Q3, 2021

The Laurelwood Academy property in Laurelwood, OR, will be an amazing location for this community to pursue our vision. We are currently recruiting and interviewing members, seeking organizers for specific interest-based "pods", running a crowd investing campaign, talking to angel investors, and seeking other forms of funding and financing.

If you have questions, please feel free to checkout our FAQ or reach out to us at

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